Cypress Lakers, we have several opportunities to serve our neighbors and those that will be worshiping with us on Sunday!

1) We will be opening the Sanctuary lobby up as a cooling station starting Friday, September 15 (9 am to 4 pm). We will have coffee and water available for our guests as well as places to charge cell phones, etc. The playground is open, though with the damage sustained during Irma, parents MUST supervise their children while using the playground. We would love to have members of our congregation welcome folks to our campus. If you can serve tomorrow or sometime next Monday-Friday, email or call the church office.

2) We will be offering snacks and cold bottled water in addition to hot coffee on Sunday morning. Would you be willing to wipe water bottles off and hand them out after one of Sunday’s services? Email or call the office to help.

3) Can you help others in need of clean up or minor repairs? We will be soliciting help for those in our congregation and community that need assistance. If you have special skills or equipment (such as chainsaws), indicate that in your message.

If you are one of those in need of assistance, you may also contact us and we will add you to the disaster response list.

Let’s count our blessings and do what we can to alleviate some discomfort and help our community rally and recover!

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