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New Church App and Directory

By May 14, 2022June 24th, 2022Announcements

You can now register for events, view the church calendar, access your giving information, and update your address and phone number all in one place!

  • From a tablet or phone, download the Church Center app. You can get to each app store by visiting churchcenter.com/setup, or by searching for Church Center if you open your app store. After you download the app, you’ll need to select our church the first time you log in; the app will remember Cypress Lake the next time you open it.
  • From a desktop or laptop computer, visit clumc.churchcenter.com/home. Your first visit you may need to log in but you can check to stay logged in from there.
  • Enter your mobile phone number or email address to receive a code to verify your identity. Once you enter the code and set up a password, you won’t have to use a code each time.

Either way you access Church Center, you will open a “home page” and from there can move around through menu options like Signups (for events), Calendar, Give (to set up one time or recurring gifts), and Groups (if you are on a leadership team). The personal profile page (in the app it’s a person-shaped icon) contains all of your information; look through and make everything is correct! The profile page also has a giving section where you can set up and manage donations, and view giving statements.

If you need help making changes to your profile, setting up your giving, or installing the app, call or email us – we’re happy to walk you through it!

The church directory is now available through Church Center too!

Everyone’s information is already organized and ready to go in their profiles; however, your personal information is always private until you choose to share it. After you accept the invitation to the directory, you’ll be able to choose exactly what personal and household information you would like to share with other church members.

You can always go back and change your privacy preferences for your contact and household information.

Visit clumc.churchcenter.com/directory/edit and follow the directions above to log in. Then you can choose what information appears to other people.

Need extra help? Bring your tablet or phone to the church office and we can walk through it step by step together.

Want access to the directory, but didn’t receive an invitation? Contact Bronwyn Bedient.