Online Giving

Electronic giving means you’ll never miss a donation. You can set the frequency of recurring gifts (once a month or once a week) in addition to making one-time special gifts. Giving methods include:

  • Automatic withdrawals from your bank account – this is the BEST method for the church because we are not assessed any fees! Unlike recurring card donations, you won’t need to update your information when your credit or debit card expires.
  • Credit and debit cards – easy and convenient! The church does pay fees on each transaction; you can choose to help cover the processing costs, but the church is assessed fees above and beyond those costs.

If you switched to online giving and are still receiving giving envelopes, email or call the church office so that we can take you off the envelope list.

Giving online is secure, easy, and allows you to view your complete online giving history.

  • Click on the “Secure Online Giving” button below.
  • On the next page, click on the “Create Profile” button, then follow the onscreen instructions to create an online profile and to schedule your contributions.
  • You can schedule new contributions at any time and can modify or cancel those contributions at any time prior to the date they are scheduled.

Offering Envelopes

Giving envelopes are the way to go if you prefer to use the offering boxes in the Sanctuary, to mail in your offering, or drop off your contribution in the office. If you turn in a loose check, our volunteers will still have to look up your giving number, so use your envelopes when possible. It doesn’t matter what date is on the envelope – you can use one from last month!

When checking “other” on your envelope, please specify where you wish your contribution to be applied.  Also, if you are dividing your contribution between different areas, please specify the dollar amount for each area. This will ensure that your donation is applied to the area of your intent. If nothing is checked on the envelope, your contribution will automatically be applied to the general fund.

Giving Statements

Giving statements showing your contributions to date are issued at the end of each year and periodically during the year. To ensure that you receive your giving statement, please be sure that we have your correct address on file using the online directory or by calling the church office.

For further information about giving or church finances, contact finance specialist Vanessa Velez.