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By June 20, 2018 April 12th, 2019 Bright Beginnings, Children and Families

Bright Beginnings Early School still has limited availability for Fall 2018 for children ages 2-5. Did you know we offer a great program called Stepping Stones?

Stepping Stones is a one-of-a-kind program designed to address the needs of children who are eligible for Kindergarten, but for a variety of reasons, will benefit from the gift of an extra year before taking that step. Stepping Stones meets five days per week, five hours per day, and closely follows the local public schools calendar. The Stepping Stones curriculum is designed to develop “the whole child” and to further develop the skills needed to help them become successful learners.

From the parents of former Stepping Stones students:

True story: we moved our younger son to Bright Beginnings specifically for the option to enroll him in Stepping Stones. Having seen firsthand with our older son what Kindergarten is all about, we were unsure whether to send him so soon after he turned five. Upon finishing VPK, his Bright Beginnings teacher assured us he was prepared academically. Still our instincts told us to enroll him in Stepping Stones. It was the best decision. Not only did he receive a top-notch education, he also learned how to be a Kindergartner – within a safe, loving space. All of the things we never really consider (walking into school on your own, remembering where your classroom is, unpacking your backpack, navigating a 20-minute lunch, etc) are all HUGE (and possibly frightening) transitions for little people. Because of Stepping Stones, our little one made a very smooth transition without skipping a beat. Academically he has thrived and we knew he would. But the intangibles he learned through Stepping Stones are where he truly gained his confidence to be a big Kindergartener. I will say it again: BEST DECISION EVER.

Our son has a summer birthday and was one of the youngest in his class. Academically, he was where he needed to be, but we felt another year before kindergarten would be so beneficial to help him with fine motor skills and social skills. Stepping Stones has been amazing for him! I cannot say enough good things about this program! He and his classmates are learning so much! The play-based, hands-on learning is exactly what he needed! I have seen him grow so much this year – academically, socially, and even spiritually! I feel confident sending him to kindergarten in the fall. He is ready!!

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