Surviving COVID-19 Resources

By April 10, 2020April 17th, 2020Announcements
The first in a series of short videos offered by We Care Ministries.

Let’s Talk About It, a counseling ministry housed on the Cypress Lake UMC campus, wants to offer you support in this time of isolation. Our hope is to be a resource for those struggling to process their emotions during this time by providing Christ-filled therapeutic strategies through both video messages and therapy.

Therapists Ray Giunta and Jessica Bledsoe will offer a video series to support individuals and families in southwest Florida and beyond. In the meantime, Let’s Talk About It can offer free one-time sessions for those in need, with screening for long term care and pointing individuals to free resources already available.

You may also find this handout about physical coping skills helpful; more resources like this will be shared over time.

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