About Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch is offered after the regular preschool hours (12:30 to 3:00) for children in the 3 year old, VPK, and Stepping Stones classes. Children will eat lunch between 12:30-1:00. Each child will need to bring their lunch; please have their name marked on their lunch box. (We are not able to heat lunches).  Children will proceed between the hours of 1:00 to 3:00 to their “special” class. Lunch Bunch offerings typically include Spanish, fitness, cooking, science, music, art, and more. Each class will be 1/2 hour and instructed by a Bright Beginnings staff member.

Lunch Bunch payments will be made monthly; half year and full year payments will be accepted as well. Payment for drop in Lunch Bunch can be added to the next month’s tuition.

If you need to drop a day of lunch bunch, we require a two week notice and must receive your drop request in WRITTEN form. Disruptive behavior in lunch bunch/ extended care cannot be tolerated and the discipline policies that are in effect during preschool hours will also apply to Lunch Bunch.

Lunch Bunch Drop-Ins

There are a limited number of drop-in slots available each day at the rate of $35 per day. Contact the office to ask about availability. Requests should be made no later than 11 am for that day.

Bright Beginnings Early School

(239) 433-2232 P
(239) 433-5996 F


Director: Samantha Didio
Assistant Director: Mary Lawrence

DCF License #C2OLE7499


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Lunch Bunch Fees

3 year olds and VPK

Lunch Bunch (monthly rate)

$100 for 1 day weekly

$200 for 2 days weekly

$300 for 3 days weekly

$350 for 4 days weekly

$400 for 5 days weekly

Lunch Bunch Fees

Stepping Stones

Lunch Bunch (monthly rate)

$60 daily for 1 day weekly

$120 for 2 days weekly

$180 for 3 days weekly

$210 for 4 days weekly

$250 for 5 days weekly